Tear the holocaust monuments down!


A hundred years of war against Germany and the world by the Zionists


Nov. 2017


The holocaust lie maintains that during the 2nd World War the Germans were responsible for killing six (!) million Jews in a systematic and industrial way. Up until today no proof has been produced for this allegation.


Instead the facts are as follows:


  • At none of the alleged crime scenes have bodily remains of people been discovered in convincing amounts


  • The existing gas chambers were built to combat vermin in clothing and shoes, which were acting as vectors for typhus, which was claiming thousands of victims. There were no gas chambers and gas vans used to kill people. This has been confirmed through chemical analysis. Neither gas chambers nor crematoria would have possessed adequate structure or sufficient capacity to murder six million people and dispose of their bodies.


  • The International Red Cross, which inspected the Auschwitz camp regularly until 1943, registered some 68,000 deaths (not murders!). In Auschwitz there was a hospital for inmates, a swimming pool, Jewish music bands and a brothel. 3,000 babies were born in the Auschwitz camp. Camp and commandant orders ensured minimum standards of care and hygiene. The alleged total 1 million deaths is absurd.


  • As from 1933 the Nazi leadership of Germany undertook the deportation of the Jews. In this process the Nazis worked together with the Jews, held negotiations (including with Adolf Eichmann in Palestine, who was later abducted by the Jews and murdered in 1962), provided development aid in Palestine and with the Haavara Treaty (1933) and the Rublee-Wohlthat Treaty (1938) organised migration of the Jews. It is clear from the Wannsee Report that up to 30.10.1941 some 537,000 Jews from the German Reich (including Ostmark, Bohemia and Moravia) were brought for emigration. In 1934 the number of Jews in this region amounted to some 830,000.

In 1943 the Korherr Report indicated the number of Jews resettled from Greater Germany was 274,439 and those from the entire German area of control were 1,274,166 persons.

  • Resettlement in the Ukraine, White Russia and Russia itself was performed via transit camps and ghettos at Treblinka, Maydanek, Sobibor, Belzec, Bialystok, Minsk, Riga etc. The Russians deported tens of thousands of them to Siberia.
  • 6 million Jews never lived in the entire German Reich and occupied areas. The repeatedly-peddled number of 6 million dates back to biblical mythology, which maintains the return of the Jews and the establishment of their own state could take place only after six million of them had been through red-hot furnaces. There were any number of publications and commentaries between 1869 and 1933 trotting out this fanciful number over and over again.
  • The hypothesis of industrial obliteration is absurd not least because this would not have required the construction of labour and transit camps, whereas an appropriate number of bullets and a couple of diggers would have been quite sufficient.
  • Germany was fighting for its survival in a war forced upon it, and it needed every man for its defence, so it had no choice but to rope in the Jews fit for work. The fact that the working conditions were often inhumane and claimed many victims was unavoidable in a country lacking all good things.
  • The official death registers from all camps show a total of some 372,000 deaths. Red Cross documentation confirms some 297,000 deaths. Under no circumstances were all of these Jews, since the number included gypsies, domestic and overseas criminals and political opponents of the Nazis.


These figures are frighteningly high. But they represent (excluding individual cases) neither a crime nor a unique feature: During the First World War the allied blockade led to the starvation of some 850,000 Germans. In the Second World War at least 600,000 civilians were murdered by English/American carpet bombing by the war criminals Churchill, Harris, Lindeman and others, and the expulsion of some 15 million Germans from eastern areas by Russians, Poles, Czechs and Slovaks costing at least 3 million German lives.

The deportation the Jews was the logical consequence of the












war the Jews had been waging against Germany for over 100 years. It had its origins in the middle of the 19th century with the formation of the Zionist movement, which had two purposes:


  1. Establishment of their own Jewish state
  2. World domination.


The records of the Zionist Basel congresses document the unashamed demands and claims of the Jews that had been rejected by Germany and other European countries. The Zionists soon realised that only a war could bring them nearer their goals.

When the war attributed to France, England and Russia meant that France and England were facing defeat and the immense loans from American/Jewish banks were on the brink of failure, the Jews were guaranteed their own state in Palestine by the Balfour Declaration of 1917 in an effort to win the Jews for the Allies. In a parallel move the USA was urged to enter the war against Germany under the leadership of Jewish financier and presidential adviser Bernard Baruch. By contrast the Jews instigated the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia in October 1917 and the Revolution in Germany in November 1918, and in the process they set the seal on the defeat of Germany. Leading figures in Germany’s downfall were the Jewish Communists Luxemburg, Liebknecht, Eisner etc.


The Treaty of Versailles, which was drawn up using hundreds of Jewish advisers and lawyers, was used by the Allies to impose such hard and impracticable conditions on Germany that a second war was the inevitable consequence.


The First World War had not yet provided the Jews with their own state, but an important landmark had been achieved, and the war made them the actual war profiteers.

The successful strategy of plundering and destabilising the opponent was pursued in a world economic crisis triggered by the Federal Reserve (a consortium of Jewish banks), but in Germany the Nazis rose to power to openly oppose the Jewish delusions of power, and under the ingenious economic and foreign policy of Reich Chancellor Hitler the following six years saw an incredible economic and political resurgence.


This led to the beginning of an unprecedented open propaganda war and a secretly waged war:










  • In 1922 Isaak Sallbey declared: “The German race must be destroyed, there is no doubt about that.”
  • NSDAP election activities were interrupted, acts of sabotage were carried out and other parties (especially the SPD) were financially supported. Large events in the USA called for blockades and struggles against Germany. As early as 1932 American President Roosevelt, who had Jewish roots, declared: “I shall crush Germany. After the war there will be no more Germany.”
  • In 1932 the President of the Jewish World League declared: “Germany is our public enemy no. 1. It is up to us to declare merciless war on them.”
  • Scarcely two months after Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor of the Reich, 24.03.1933 was the date of the Jewish declaration of war on Germany. This was not simply a matter of a simple headline in the “Daily Express”. The hostile measures against Germany were confirmed by a whole series of Jewish leaders (Ben Gurion, Weizmann etc.), and so the Jews considered themselves at war with Germany and Hitler.
  • In 1934 W. Jabotinski declared that “Jewish interests require the conclusive destruction of Germany”.
  • In 1936 Churchill, who was famous for his hate of all things German, declared: “We shall force war on Hitler, whether he wants it or not.”
  • In 1939 Rothschild demanded “Leave Germany to the Jews and disperse the Germans among all other peoples of the earth.”
  • In 1941 in his book “Germany must perish” Nathan Kaufman demanded: “eradication of the entire fertile German population through forced sterilisation of both sexes.” A rather more moderate version of the suggestion of shooting every German male between the ages of 10 and 60, as reported by Charles Lindbergh in his war diaries.
  • From 1941 we began to hear the murder calls by Ilya Ehrenburg, Stalin’s most evil agitator: “Kill, kill, kill all Germans.”
  • In 1943 Earnest Hooton demanded the immigration and integration of non-Germans, especially men, for biological eradication.


  • In 1944 Henry Morgenthau published his plan for de-industrialisation of Germany and its reversion to an agrarian country.
  • Also in 1944 Louis Nizer demanded the total re-education of the German people. Following the defeat and occupation of Germany in 1945 this plan was implemented with great success:

Initially at the Nurnberg Show Trials sole responsibility for another world war was attributed to Germany and – in order to gloss over the Allies’ war crimes – the old holocaust phantom was resurrected.


There began historically unprecedented plundering that from 1951 to 1990 cashed for the Jews over half a billion Euros with today’s purchasing power, and so that milk and honey would flow for time immemorial, Edgar Bronfman, President of the Jewish World Congress 1990 issued the following threat:


“There will be a terrible end if future generations should cease payments to Israel and world Jewry. Then the German people will disappear from the earth.”


Although Adenauer, first Chancellor of the Federal Republic, was aware of the power of international Jewry, he made the fatal mistake of entering negotiations with the Jews, because this proved to be a catalyst for a so-called reparation orgy. He misunderstood two ancient elementary Jewry character traits: Revenge and insatiable greed. The next few Chancellors continued this policy.


The ensuing decades saw the development of a holocaust industry with annual turnover of billions of Euros. Millions of ostensible journalists and other liars, radio and TV commentators, film makers, actors and writers, solicitors and judges, investigating bodies, propaganda organisations and state-funded leftist struggle organisations against the right receive an impressive income from the business; untold numbers of helpers and naive do-gooders are roped in as useful idiots.


In the person of Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is herself of Jewish extraction, a Zionist Governess was elected, who blatantly and unconditionally stands up for Jewish interests. Right from the outset of her term she announced her notorious guarantee declaration for Israel and she has no scruples in








receiving her instructions from Jewish Prime Minister Netanyahu at the German cabinet table.


There were only incidental remarks that like no other she pursues the transfer of national laws to the EU and international organisations, and is thus pushing Germany to its ruin by promoting the dissolution of nation states and using illicit Euro rescue policies.

It was in the Leipzig CDU Manifesto (2003) that Merkel announced her aim of the ethnic inversion of Germany through migration. This is the implementation of the old Hooton plan – updated by George Soros, a Hungarian Jew resident in the USA, who used unrestrained speculation to damage entire national economies and rose to be a multi-billionaire and one of the most influential political players. Merkel, Junker and by their own admission 226 representatives of the European Parliament receive their orders from him.


The greatest time for the angel of death for Germany struck in September 2015 when Merkel illegally suspended the Dublin Treaty and unilaterally flung open Germany’s borders to 1.2 million migrants on the pretext of offering asylum. This coincided with the greatest time for George Soros, who is bringing about the ethnic destruction of the European peoples with his Open Society Foundation using a network of hundreds of so-called refugee and aid organisations. Even if increasing political pressure forces Merkel to affect an ostensible volte-face, she will pursue her work of destruction until she is ejected from office.


The catastrophic political and social development of Germany and Austria is not unconnected with geopolitical development.


At the end of the war Germany was completely destroyed, its military strength shattered for all time (the present gay and transgender army is capable only of protecting a plot of allotments but not of waging a war). The eastern territories and Austria were split off, robbed of the last material and intangible assets, while England and France declined to become no better than toothless powers that quickly lost their colonies and mandated territories in the Middle East. Now the Jews achieved their first purpose: 14.05.1948 saw proclamation of the state of Israel. Millions of Jews from all over the world, including many resettled in the East by the Nazis, settled in Israel. Right at the beginning Israel massacred thousands of Palestinians and drove out a good 750,000, expanding its national territory successively through








war and settlement. Their aim is the creation of a Jewish Greater Israel. The fact that such an aggressive expansionist policy negates the possibility of peace in the Middle East is not only known to the Zionists, but they are happy to accept it. All opponents are denied assistance from the USA and its lackeys: Hussein’s Jordan was destroyed in two wars, Gadhafi’s Libya was bombed to pieces and Assad’s Syria was subsumed in civil war that was only maintained with Russian help. The next, overtly announced target is Iran.


Degenerate fictional anti-Semitism and the holocaust myth are quoted and sustained as justification of the existence of Israel. The victim role, which the Jews have been cultivating for thousands of years, is the perfect defence against any criticism and carte blanche for all types of Jewish misdeeds.

This now enabled the second target, the assumption of world domination to be seized. In 1950 James Warburg, the Jewish banker and Roosevelt consultant, announced the new Jewish slogan – world order:


“We shall install a world government whether people like it or not. The only question is whether this world government is achieved through conquest or mutual understanding.”


This led to the creation of thousands of domestic and international organisations, courts, interest groups and refugee agencies disguised as assistance and human rights organisations.


Thomas Barnett, consultant to several US governments, put it in a nutshell:

“The ultimate goal is the enforced conformity of all countries of the world by mixing the races, with the target being a light brown race in Europe, facilitated by an annual 1.5 million migrants being accepted into Europe from the third world. The result will be a population with average IQ of 90, so people will be too stupid to understand, but intelligent enough to work”. He continues: “Oh yes. I take note of the nonsensical arguments of our opponents, but if they mount opposition against the global world order, I call for their death.”


This is the confirmation of the old Coudenhove-Kalergi plan calling for Europe to be made into a mixed-race continent led by a Jewish “noble race.” The realisation









of these plans is in full swing and in 30 to 50 years it will be irreversible, if it is not immediately combatted with all means at our disposal.


How was it possible for the intelligent, but such insignificant Jews to rise to such a dominant position?


A people living for more than two thousand years dispersed over half the world and yet not assimilating must be completely resistant to any form of integration. Indeed any form of inter-mixing would result in the end of their existence, and under Jewish law this is strictly prohibited. This is the exact opposite of what Jews, Zionists and globalists want to force on the rest of the world.

The rise to world leader could only happen in the USA, because it is a mixture of peoples without social, legal or economic limitations. Until the end of the 19th century in European countries with centuries of painful experience with this people individual rise was possible only through infiltration and deception. These are qualities that under Jewish law towards non-Jews (Gojim) are absolutely legitimate and were developed by Jews for mastery.


At the beginning of the 19th century numerous Jews immigrated to the USA and were met with ideal conditions. Thanks to their intelligence and former business instinct Jews not only were immeasurably rich, but also rose to all key social positions. In the meantime they have become so powerful that  the strongest military power on earth and their vassals wage their own wars. The claims to power are secured and driven further by a world-encompassing, unique propaganda network that combats and silences all divergent voices by all legal and illegal means.


Technological advancement is an important vehicle of globalisation. Neither can be restrained, and they should even be welcomed, provided they relate to consistent technological and economic standards and norms and not to cultural, social and political realities. This question is pivotal in deciding the fate of the Western World.


Multiculturalists who out of the goodness of their hearts call for open, colourful, mixed societies, end up with the exact opposite. By destroying racial, popular and








cultural individuality and identity, they bring about the uniform, conformist, freely-malleable type of person so sought after by the new world order – controlled by a minute, largely Jewish elite.


The right to exist and the legal system of a society and an entire people can and should not be eroded by any discrimination bans favouring outsiders. The struggle for the new world order is now entering a decisive phase. The European people with the exception of Russia have largely lost the will and ability for self-preservation, while in Asia and the Islamic countries it is still intact. For this reason the new world order will reach its limits.


It is most questionable whether the German people still possess the energy to free themselves from the Zionist talons. But opposition does arise. Whether this produces an uprising really depends on breaking the two ultimate homicide arguments “war guilt” and “holocaust”. The time is ripe: The dogma of German war guilt for the First World War has fallen apart, while that for the Second World War is no longer maintained by any serious historian, and the legal protection of the holocaust lie is doomed to failure. So we say:


Tear the holocaust monuments down!


This appeal is far more than a symbol, and its target is the liberation of the Germanic peoples:


  • Withdrawal of all occupying troops from Central Europe. Withdrawal of Germany and the Benelux countries from NATO


  • Unification of all Germanic countries and resurrection of the first German Reich based on unlimited sovereignty and neutrality in peaceful coexistence with other countries. This Reich would be in the position to fight off any opponents.
  • Retention of purity of breeding and unique identity of the peoples as natural protection against the communist/socialist and Zionist aspirations to disintegrate and enslave the peoples.
  • A family policy promoting 3-children families to preserve the Germanic peoples and the white race. Protection of the family as nucleus of all national communities against perverse









homosexual aberration and other destructive ideologies (gender mainstreaming).


  • Protection of state and economic leadership against infiltration by persons who are not ethnic Germans.
  • Protection of our key industries against hostile takeover and restoration of agricultural and energy self-sufficiency.
  • Withdrawal from the Jewish-controlled money system based on debt
  • Discontinuation of all reparations and overt and covert “compensation” payments
  • Strengthening of civil rights and a return to direct democracy. Assumption of public initiative and referendum along the lines of the Swiss model. Return of financial autonomy to the populace.
  • Retention and promotion of Germanic culture and language. Demands for return of all cultural artefacts stolen by the Allies.

Of all religions the Jewish one is the least religious, as recognised by Kant and other intellectual giants. The heart of Jewish belief focuses not on the hereafter but on the here and now in terms of socio-political ideology. The unique claim of the Jews to be a special people is bound to lead to disparagement and domination of non-Jews. In this process the various Zionist manifestations are the most aggressive form of Jewry.


All efforts at enforcing unified global world order will end in war, and unfortunately it is no joke that influential Jewish sects and orders are pursuing their insane messianic philosophies with the aim of bringing about the great, prophesied Third World War. However this war will have no victors, but only losers. Multipolar powers will survive in the end, and they will have to learn how to cooperate rather than fight each other. Overcoming ruling religious ideologies in disguise is a decisive key to this.


Long live Germania!